Over writing achievement dates

When we updated a recent camping trip we noticed that when updating completed requirements using BULK, adding the recent date would overwrite a precious date when the girl had completed that requirement. This was mainly an issue with the camping over night portion. The girls need 12 over night campouts to earn this badge. When we entered the date of our campout in spot 1, that replaced a date for girls who had previously camped out. You’d expect the recent date to be entered in slot 2, or the next empty slot, but not replace a previously entered date.
Ann Welch
AHG MD0134


I agree - if an overwrite is present - a prompt would be welcome that it is going to change a date.

I can’t reproduce this.

The bulk achiever should not be able to overwrite any data.

I manually entered dates in the first two camping slots and then I did a bulk achievement with multiple girls for a different date and it didn’t overwrite.

33 AM

Please also be aware, on that specific badge, there are two versions. One is marked (old). It’s possible that you started one and then added dates to the other.

This happens to me all the time too!!

This has happened to our troop multiple times. If a girl has earned a badge and it’s 100% complete, if the Unit does it together and the leader bulk enters the work they do, it overwrites (or seems to) the girl’s previously earned badge. Instead of 100% complete, it always shows “calculating”.

I still can’t make this happen. I can’t fix it because I can’t find anything wrong with it. Please give me a more specific scenario so I can try to duplicate it. I need exact way you are going to the achiever, what award it was, what requirements had dates, etc.