Missing Badges on the Shopping List

I have several badges missing from the shopping list. When I go into the badges individually, they are there, NOT marked awarded/purchased, but are not showing up on the list. If I hit the save button at the bottom the badge, the badge will then show up. Not sure what happened. When I look at badge achievement, it says either “calculating” or the badge name and 0% completed (even though all dates, etc are entered). I don’t want to go into EVERY badge individually and re-save. What did we do wrong?

If it says “Calculating” then it has not been awarded in the system and will not show up.

Sometimes they get caught up in the queue and can be bypassed by individually going in, but otherwise it’s mostly just a waiting game (if it’s during a busy time. Most of the time it should be almost instantaneous).

Matt, Most of the calculating had been in the system for a week. How long
does it normally take? Other badge is would list the badge then have 0%
completed, but when I went into the individual badge, everything was
entered and marked correctly and once I hit save again, it then showed up.
Can you explain what is happening. I had a lot of badges I had to do this
with. I have spent almost three hours just adding badges that didn’t show

It’s a bit frustrating. I don’t feel like this program is trustworthy. I
would like to find out if it was something our leaders are doing work or
how we can fix this for the next badge order.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Stacy Reese

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Hi @stacyreese,

I hit the recalculate button on your troop. Please check again. It normally does not take long at all. Do you have an example girl and badge I can look at that says 0% but should be complete? I would like to take a closer look.