Close money accounts and other fixes (02/17/2016)

Good morning!


First off, thanks to everyone who has tried the new Meeting Schedule feature. We experimented with a new datepicker on that feature and many of you have reported that it doesn't work on Safari. We are working on a fix and will incorporate your feedback into Meeting Schedules soon.


This morning we are releasing a few fixes and a new feature:


1) You can now "close" a money account. Closed money accounts cannot have new transactions added or be used for event payments. If you close an account accidentally you can reopen it. To close an account, go to Manage -> Money Accounts and click the "Actions" drop down for the account you want to close.


2) The BSA permission slip was using a font that was too large for phone numbers and dates to fit in the form. This has been fixed.


3) We no longer show Scout through First Class on the drop down list for applying merit badges to ranks.


That's it! Have a great day!


~ Dave