RSVP for Guest w PayPal Fee

Summary: When a person RSVPs and includes a GUEST and attempts to pay for that guest (the event has a cost) using PayPal, our Calendar function does not show the Guest on the RSVP list and nor does the Pack’s PayPal balance reflect the collected Guest fee (the paying person’s PayPal account clearly shows the payment was made).

When I initially set up this Calendar Event I included all of the relevant info on the “Basic Details” section. I checked two boxes on the “Advanced” tab, allowing “Guests Allowed” and “Payment Required to RSVP”.

However, for a recent event two people (me being one) had an odd outcome:

I RSVPed for myself + 1 guest. I paid for me and the guest via paypal and waited for confirmation.

However, when I look at the Troop Track list - my guest isn’t reflected as having RSVPed, and nor is the payment. However, my paypal account does show the fact that I paid for two people (myself + a guest).

This pattern was also reflected by another parent. She RSVPed for herself, her scout son and one guest. Troop Track shows her having RSVPed and paid for herself and scout son. However, her guest is not on the list for having RSVPed, nor is the Guest money in the Troop’s account. She has shown me her pay pal statement - 3 people were charged.

This has happened with other events.

How do we fix this retroactively for this particular event? How do we prevent the confusion going forward? We have emailed and called Troop Track (Kelsie and Spencer) and received NO response.