Calendar Event Reminders

Is there any way to create mulitple event reminders? Currently I have to pick just one but would like to have the ability to set up an event reminder for say 30 days out, then 2 weeks and 2 days ahead. Is there a way to do that?

That is not currently possible, you get one Invitation and one Reminder. You would need to go into the Event after the 30 day Reminder and change it to 2 weeks, then after the two weeks, change it to 2 days, it would be manual. You could change this to an Idea and see if others support it. While I like the idea of options this isn’t something I would personally see as necessary. The feedback I get from many users is there are all ready too many e-mails that come out so I would not want more however I do understand that everyone uses TT differently and perhaps there would be others that would also like this option.

Thank you Aaron for the idea. I do agree that there are many emails already but some seem to forget and a reminder far out to pay and a reminder closer to the event to show up is needed for our group.

The multiple reminders would be welcome from my perspective. Have been using Scoutbook for the past five years which allowed this. It also allowed for subscription to separate and multiple calendars. I.E. it would be helpful to be able to subscribe to a patrol calendar and a troop calendar. I was surprised that when I subscribed to the calendar it was for all events and would not allow me to delete events that don’t apply to me like other patrols meetings, without unsubscribing from the entire calendar. Thanks.