Event and Meeting Reminders

I’m new to Troop Track and I’m trying to do some testing of the Calendar functionality. How are event invites and reminders handled? Specifically, if I set the event to never invite (no RSVP required), but set to reminder 2 days before, when does this email get sent out? Is it 24 hours exactly or some random time?

We are migrating from Scoutlander and I’m trying to find an equivalent to their event reminder functionality.

Thank you in advance.

Invitation and reminder are two words that can be interchanged with “scheduled”.

Invitation is the scheduled email (with Invitation in the title). and is based on a specific date.

Reminder is the second scheduled email (with reminder in the title). and based on the number of days prior to the event.

You can have a reminder without an invitation. You can have an invitation without a reminder.

Just make sure your audience / distribution group is selected - (everyone, by patrol,or people)

That’s good to hear that one isn’t dependent on the other. In my testing, I set an event that starts tomorrow at 9:00am. I then set the reminder for 1 day. I did all of this at 8:00am today. I never got an email for the reminder at 9:00am (1 day prior to event start)

This leads me to the second part of my question. What is the logic behind the email notifications? Does the server wait until the scheduled time (doesn’t appear so), or does the server look at all events for the day and schedule the email to occur sometime within the window that the reminder is set for? I.E. the server checks at midnight all reminders that need to go out that day and starts sending out the emails.

I’m trying to understand the general timing of things.

We usually get all of our reminders (including invitations set to “today”) around 3am.