Multiple emails delivered for one event reminder

I am receiving multiple reminder emails for one event each morning that they are sent out. Today they were delivered at 5:06 a.m., 5:08, and 2 at 5:10. In the previous event we received 3 reminders on the same date. I have not changed anything from last year so I am confused why this changed, any thoughts?

Yes! This is happening to lots of us! Come chime in on my post in the bugs section. The more comments we get, hopefully the faster it gets noticed and then fixed.

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This morning i recieved 8 emails for 2 events. This started about a week ago or so and is happening to everyone in our TT.

I am also seeing this behavior, I am sure @dave and @Tyler are aware and working on it. Unfortunately TT is short staffed currently and it is their busiest time of year.

Check out this other thread about the same thing. They may only update this one when it is fixed since it has more hits.

We’re also experiencing this and unfortunately turning off reminders isn’t a great solution. I’m emailing all the members on TroopTrack to let them know it’s a TroopTrack issue and not something our Troop did incorrectly. Really hope TroopTrack fixes this problem soon.

Last week, we got 4 email reminders for the same event. Today, an automatic email reminder should have gone out, but nothing happened. :frowning:

I got word a fix for this was pushed out this morning and I personally only saw one reminder per event today for meetings tomorrow.