Calendar Time Zone Discrepancy

I’m seeing a weird difference between two different views of our troop calendar between devices.

Our troop settings have a Time Zone value of GMT-08:00 (Pacific). I have a calendar feed/URL set up and it’s published successfully. In the Calendar app on OS X, I added the troop calendar as a new subscription and all is well there and appears exactly like I’d expect.

On my iOS device (an iPhone), event times are listed as CDT for some reason. The phone’s time zone is set to Pacific. Is there some subtle tweak I need to make here?

Clarification: the event times appear on both calendars correctly. What I meant to say was that a parenthetical reference to Central time also appears in the event.

And it does show up in as well. See illustrative screenshot below.

Hi @Suisun182,

I think I’ve identified the problem. There’s a small error in the code that’s generating the feed. I’m going to add that to my TODO list.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


@kofno, while you are in the Calendar/Time Zone Code, there’s a bug (there is a thread about this too) when sharing via Outlook/Exchange where the time does not appear to be accounting for DST, all my events are an hour ahead. Works just fine in iCal on my Mac and iOS devices though.

Which Troop are you with?

Troop 456, Palmyra Pa.

Here is the thread on the community

Thanks! I will look into this!

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Hi @Suisun182,

Number 16 on this list up updates should solve the timezone issue.

Thank you and have a great day!

Thanks! I really appreciate how actively engaged the TroopTrack staff is with both users and the product itself. You guys rock.