Can the Troop Coordinator and Vice Coordinator be added as recipients to emails to individual units?

Is there a way to add the Troop Coordinator and Vice Coordinator as recipients to email lists that were created by Troop Track in Magic Mailing Lists?

Which lists are you trying to add them to? It may be better to create a custom mailing list or if you have a specific concern, I might be able to point you to other features that can help.

We would like to have the Troop Coordinator and Vice Coordinator receive any emails that are sent out to the Pathfinders, Tenderhearts, Explorers, Pioneers, and Patriots. Just to keep them in the communication loop and so they know what is going on at each level. Does this make sense? I did create my own lists before I understood the Magic mailing lists, but that was confusing because there was 2 of each group and people didn’t know what list to use. Once I discovered Magic Mailing lists couldn’t be deleted I deleted the ones I created.


Alight, I see what you are saying. Right now, you cannot put users into magic mailing lists if they don’t apply under the conditions of the list (ie. pathfinders list only sends to people or parents of those in the pathfinder unit). Your leaders should have the ability to go to Communicate > Recent Messages and see all sent emails. They won’t receive them like the other girls, but it’s just a single place they can go to weekly or daily and see all recent communications.

Ok. Thank you so much!