Custom/Magic emai lists

How do you delete a custom emai list or magic email list? The edit button only lets you change some options but not
delete entirely.

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I’m wondering the same thing!

Magic mailing lists cannot be deleted - they are default lists TT builds automatically based on existing criteria (e.g. members of a patrol, adults in leadership, etc.). You can only change options:

  • Who can send to the list.
  • List name


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I think they mean (at least I know I do) the ones we are able to create ourselves. I created some magic lists that are duplicates and I’d like to delete them, but there is no option.


I can delete “Custom Mailing Lists” and “Mailboxes”. Maybe it takes a specific privilege setting?

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I can too, but not the magic mailing lists. Those are separate. I have all privileges since I’m the one that set everything up.

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@troop40072, It looks like your duplicates are the ones you made custom lists for. There currently is no way to delete the magic mailing lists. A new magic mailing list is made every time you add a troop under Manage > Troops. It looks like you made custom mailing lists for some of the troops you made when a magic mailing list is automatically generated. Right now, you can delete Custom Mailing Lists and Mailboxes as @MikeHulsey said.

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them up!

Thanks everyone!

Is there a way to see what recipients are on each magic or custom mailing list? Is there a way to edit recipients on magic mailing lists? How does the system determine who to put on the leaders list, adults list, parents list and merit badge counselor’s list? Can people be on more than one of these lists and how is that done? If the SM is a MBC and has a youth in the troop, he should be on all four lists. Is he? How can I check that? Thank you.

Hi @BonnieCzuhajewski,

Thanks for asking your question.

Go to Communicate > Magic Mailing Lists and check out the descriptions there. You can press “Details” to see who exactly is in each list.

Check that out first, then let me know what other questions you have.


Gotta say, I would also love option to delete magic mailing lists or add more preferences. For example, we like our troop coordinator/vice coordinator copied on all communications, but can’t add them to each unit, so then would have to create a custom list, which is fine, but then there is a custom list AND a magic list for each unit and that gets VERY confusing to our leadership. No matter how you label it, someone is going to get confused and it’s always going to be on that one email where it matters. I also like not having to look at stuff that does not apply…makes everything look messy.

I’m in agreement with SaintVahg. Having both Mailboxes and Magic Mailboxes gets confusing. I somehow have duplicate “scouts@” Magic Mailboxes and can’t delete one of them.