User Question: Turn off Magic Mailing List?

Can I turn off Magic Mailing lists? They confuse many of my leaders and parents because they are not complete lists. Can they be turned off so that the parents cannot see them?

Good morning,

Your only option here would be to either delete them or tell parents not to use them. I strongly advise you not to delete them because they are used for events, emails, texts, sign up sheets, etc. We are in the process of completely redoing our emails feature. Please read the below post.

Does anyone else have advice on how to handle this problem?

This introduces more confusion because of the inability to add parents to more than one den. Due to this limitation, you have to create custom mailing lists for the dens (otherwise parents do not receive emails for all of their scouts). Now we have two mailing lists for each den. Hiding or disabling the magic mailing lists for the dens would be nice to reduce the confusion.

What is the recommendation for handling this?



It is a best practice in TroopTrack to not add parents to dens. If you go to Manage > Settings > Edit Pack Settings, and click the TroopTrack Settings tab, you can check the box next to “Copy parents on all scout emails” and this should solve the problem of parents not receiving emails for each scout.


Thank you! I’ve been mentioning this problem in a few places where it applied to the thread to try to find an answer, and was just made aware of this setting. That solves the problem! I never knew that setting was there. I guess I didn’t investigate enough.

Thank you!