Can we identify payments when paying through Troop Track

When we pay for an event through troop track is there a way to connect it to the event?
If base ball and soccer tickets are the same price, how can I tell which one was paid for?

Right now I would just tell the user to put it in the RSVP notes.

When we release our enhancements to the payment system, it will be easier to handle this.

When are the enhancements expected to be completed? I have asked for several enhancements to the system and am now excited to hear that we may get some.

We release a number of enhancements each week. Probably 3 bugs to every 1 new Feature. Big factors right now are how quickly can we get them done? How much will they cost to do? Are we developing at all ends (meaning we need to build for all organizations we support)?

The payment system is a BIG feature and it’s tough for me to get buy in right now from the developers. I’m working on a game plan to make it easy to develop and super useful for everyone who uses it. No ETA because Spencer (Awesome developer who does most of TT’s work right now) may get pulled away on converting the infrastructure to a new system (much better. It will blow your mind when you see it).

I’d say the soonest is within a month. I’m going to try hard for one last big feature before we go into conversion mode and it will either be this or two step verification for awards. Or both if I’m lucky.