NEED INFO: PayPal issues shows I’m not signed up for event

I selected 2 people to pay for, checked out, got a receipt from pay pal. Rsvp still doesn’t show us signed up. Paid twice and did the same thing. Used desktop version.
I’m pretty concerned others might have problems. Never had any issue before new version came out.

@KitCanright Would you mind posting the link of the event details page so I can look into this? As I mentioned in the other topic I am TroopTrack staff and have special access that will let me investigate this further.

Not sure if you understand that there is no link.

It’s via troop 1 mull valley ca. No link can be shared.

Hi @KitCanright. I really don’t understand. If you go to the Plan -> Calendar, then click on the event, you will get a popup window with a details button. If you click that button, you will be take to the event details page. It will have a url that looks something like “…/plan/events/XXXXXXXX”. I really just need the number at the end of the url (where I put X’s) so I can figure out what’s going on.

I hope that makes sense. I really can’t help if I can’t find the specific event you are having trouble with.


I am having the same issue. The PayPal payments used to show up everywhere, and now they are not. It makes it hard to track people who have paid and who are coming to an event. I’ve had to rely on PayPal statements and calling/texting people. It would be nice to see the RSVPs and payments show up again in TroopTrack.

ok here is the link. I couldn’t see it on the mobile app.



We are experiencing anywhere from a day to 2 days before registrations show up, and another parent paid twice yesterday before it would show on troop track.

I sent the link earlier and was wondering if yu can help

Hi @KitCanright - I fixed a bug in our PayPal integration that may fix this for you - please check it again tomorrow afternoon and let me know if it made any difference.