Canned Reports

What You Can Do

Canned reports are special reports that come standard with TroopTrack. They vary between different unit types - certain reports only apply to Boy Scout Troops.

How to Get There

You can get to reports from the Manage Badge drop down menu as shown below.

Viewing a Canned Report

Some reports are available only to Boy Scout Troops, but all of them are easy to use. For Canned Reports, choose the last option from the menu (Manage all reports) then click on the format of the report you want to see, as shown below:


How to Request a New Report

For the most part, I am trying to implement all new reports as custom reports rather than canned reports. I will add canned reports when special logic is needed, but my goal is to put you in control of your reports as much as possible. If you need a report that TroopTrack currently doesn't have and you can't create it using custom reports, please open a support ticket and describe the report you are looking for.