What's left for Eagle? report

I’ve been a happy trooptrack user for years but am dissatisfied with how difficult it is for me as a scoutmaster to answer the most common question I get from parents - what remains for my son to complete in order to achieve Eagle rank?

Of course I can get this data out of trooptrack with 50 or so clicks and writing down a ton of notes but that’s not a great user experience. I felt it important enough to write my own application against your api but the truth is this something I want the service provider to give me not something I have to maintain forever myself.

My application basically extracts data from your api and creates a pdf report for every scout in the troop detailing

  • If camping MB not achieved, # of camping nights and the name of every campout attended (invaluable to scouts to be able to verify that we kept records correctly)
  • Every uncompleted requirement for tenderfoot, second class, and first class ranks
  • List of all merit badges completed
  • of camping nights remaining (20 - # achieved)

  • List of Eagle-required merit badges not achieved
  • of (non-required) merit badges remaining for eagle

Here is an example report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B98pNPdc27aSdDlfNGJFNk1NXzA/view?usp=sharing.

Please add this to trooptrack as a standard report so I can get out of the software maintenance business.


Just so I have a jumping off point, will you please go to Manage > Reports > Eagle Progress Report and Manage > Reports > Rank Progress Report and just let us know what you would like added to those? I think it would be easier and quicker to enhance the existing reports than to create a whole new thing.

Just let me know.


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Both of those reports provide valid information but lack the cohesion I envisioned and built. First, I needed one report per scout and in a pdf format that could be easily stored, printed, and emailed to parents. Second, we’re back to pulling the needed data from multiple places in trooptrack and creating a finished report by hand. Looking at the format of the two reports you referenced, I don’t see a way of incorporating everything I have in the pdf into either one of those reports without creating a whole new thing.


Let’s get a little more feedback from the community, then. Creating a new feature like this will cost thousands of dollars in developer time. Because this is so specific and the existing features seem to work well for many at the moment, I need a wider sample of people to push this into the development queue.

I’m not opposed to it by any means, I just need more community support for it.


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Have you used the Board of Review report?

It summarizes all service hours, leadership, previous rank dates, and earned merit badges. It isn’t much to then deduce which eagle required aren’t listed from the 6 left undone.

If nothing else - we can ask to append to this report of the missing Eagle MBs not earned could be easily added, and or the camping activity could be appended to the report to make it similar to your report.

Yes the board of review worksheet is structurally very close and I like how you can generate it for one scout or multiple scouts. I think if you cloned this report and added some things and removed some things it would be perfect.


We have a hard time gathering the information on a scout by scout basis as well. We seem to have to go several places to try to find it all and still have to figure some things out by ourselves.
We would like to pull up the scout and see what MBs he has left to complete, what camping hours he has, etc.
Going to 8 different reports isn’t convenient.