Can't Change Status of RSVP if Event is Full

When we have an event that has a maximum capacity and it’s at it’s maximum no one can change their RSVP status. If we have one person who wants to change their RSVP to not coming and the event is at it’s capacity the event says registration closed even though the date hasn’t passed, We need a way for people to change their status from coming to not coming. The only way I’ve found to do that is to temporarily increase the max allowed, have then change their RSVP status and then change the max allowed back.

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Sam - the limit it valid, it’s that people can’t back out and change their RSVP status to free up a spot. Maybe just have a “I’m not going” option button appear once the limit it reached.


Ran into this same issue tonight – event is full but RSVP deadline is still a week in the future – and dad could not remove his scout from the event (change status from Going to Not Going). I tried the same solution – bump the limit by 1, have the dad change the status, drop limit back down – and that resolved the issue.

If it’s before the deadline, then someone who is registered should be able to change their RSVP.

You can change RSVP status without increasing the limit. Manage this through the event’s “Record Attendance/RSVPs” feature.

Go to “Plan->Calendar” click on the calendar event. A pop up box will be displayed, one of the selections will be “Record Attendance/RSVPs”, select it and change RSVP’s to your heart’s content.

We use this to keep people from backing out at the last minute. If they do not have a replacement then we hold them financially responsible for their portion of event costs. If they do have a replacement then we edit the RSVP as explained above to remove one person and add the other.
Note that you must have calendar event editing privileges to do this. Usually, the adult advisor for the event.

Thanks for the reminder that the Record Attendance feature can be used even if an event is full or the registration deadline has passed - I had forgotten about that.

I understand your point about wanting to hold people financially responsible – we do the same thing. However, if it’s before the registration deadline I still feel they should be able to drop out. The functionality now is someone can drop out before the deadline, but only if the event isn’t full – that doesn’t make much sense to me.

Good point about dropping BEFORE deadline.

It would be nice to be able to run a report of when (date and time) people change their RSVP. Also, nice to add a “Dropped” category to “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”.

And, as has been suggested before. Send notifications to the Scout and Adult in charge or selected others (forms coordinators). And, be able to select notification frequency, immediate, daily or weekly.

Not asking for too much? ;>)


I’ve just run into this as well - the event is full and so closed, now nobody can change anything (other than the leaders who would have to go in and change RSVP’s manually).

This is the first time we’ve put a limit on the number of people - it hasn’t worked that well.

Some issues:

  • if the event is “not full” it is possible to RSVP with lots of guests to take the number of people over the limit. In my case, the event had a limit of 33 people with 32 registered (with me being a “not going”). I then changed my RSVP to “going” and said I had 10 youth guests and 10 adults guests. The event now has 53 people going… 20 over the limit. It should reject my guests because they take it over the limit
  • we have a different limits on the number of youth & adult members. It would be nice to be able to set limits on youth & adult members separately.

It would also be much nicer if people could adjust their comments after registration has closed - at the moment the event is 2 months away and I’m getting emails from people that really should just go into the comments. Instead I have to work out how to remember them.

The events could also be improved by having a “leaders notes” section that isn’t public - at the moment everything is visible by everyone.

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