Can't change RSVP status to an event

I created a camping event that has a fee associated with it. One of the parents who previously RSVPd that they would be attending can no longer attend. When they select ‘Details & RSVP’ they cannot change their RSVP status.

I also RSVP’s yes so I tried to see if I can change mine but what I see when I select ‘Details & RSVP’ is “View Ticket” for each family member that I RSVPd as going. When I select that I can not change my RSVP status.

How can the status be changed so that the person managing the event has an accurate count of people attending?

Hi @svansickle,

For events that require a fee, I believe you will need to issue a refund or a withdraw (no refund) to change the RSVP status.

Go to Plan > Calendar, click on the event, “View All Payments”, then you will be able to select refund or withdraw and that should do the trick.

Please let me know if it does not.


Thanks, that worked. I have another question though, I noticed that there are two columns ‘Amount Paid’ and ‘Balance Due’. Almost everyone has the cost of the event in the ‘Amount Paid’ column even though they have not paid. Shouldn’t it be in the ‘Balance Due’ column?

You may ignore that. It’s something we have to fix. It’s trying to show credit card fees when it shouldn’t.