Recording various service hour amounts while recording attendance

I was trying to service hours while recording attendance, BUT I need to be able to change the amount per person.

Previously, there was a service hour column, and a box next to each person’s name. So I could enter 1hr for some, or 1.25 for others.

But today, I don’t see the box next to each person’s name, on the computer nor phone. So it looks like each person would HAVE to get the same exact service time. So I would then have to go person by person, to modify each individual’s time from their profiles, to match how long they were actually at the event??

I really hope this is a glitch! Does anyone know what’s going on with the boxes not appearing next to each person, from the attendance screen? Thank you!!

Also, I just saw it’s NOT actually adding in the standard service time to each person’s participation record. Meaning nothing is appearing for service time.

There is a button called Expand next to the Attended checkbox. If you select that the available individual fields show up and you can enter a specific amount per person. This is a new view I just noticed do not sure when it was implemented. I personally liked the old view however if I had to guess as to why the change I would say it has to do with more and more people accessing TT from mobile and the limited screen size for multiple columns.