Multiple categories of event fees

This is a suggestion that would help my troops and possibly many others, so I’m throwing it out here to see if it gets any “likes.”

When we have community events, our troop’s policy is to pay for our Scouts to attend with troop money, but adult and sibling fees are the responsibility of the family. (I believe many troops may have this policy.) When I create an event that allows sibling attendance, I don’t have a good way to track the fees for that. If I put it under “youth fee” then the system will charge my Scouts, which I don’t want. If I use “adult fee” instead, that can create two problems: 1) adults often don’t need to pay but we often like to know if they are coming; and 2) it’s confusing to parents to have to sign their Scout siblings up as “adults.” I would propose three categories of fees: Scout fee, guest fee, and adult fee. I think that would address the issue adequately. Looking forward to seeing if others would find this useful as well.


We do have a beta feature that we haven’t made a decision on that allows you to create public events and allow outsiders (people without TT accounts) to purchase “tickets” to the event. If we decide to release this feature, it sounds like it may solve your problem.

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That sounds useful for some purposes, but honestly it’s not what would help for the situation I described. The people being charged fees in the scenario I described are always family members of girls in our troops, so their households exist in TT. I really just need another fee category. (I know that’s probably not a high priority, and I certainly understand why, but please know that I’m very grateful for your quick replies and attempts to help.)

Having said that,I DO see an area where what you described would be helpful. If our service unit opens a TT account (and I’m pushing for that!), it would be great for troops to use to sign up as an entire troop for a community event. Right now, each troop sends a paper slip and payment to a troop that is organizing a community event - a system that requires snail mail, email and front stoop deliveries of RSVPs and payment. If the SU had a TT account, troops could sign in with the total number of people attending and create a “debit” record for the service unit. The organizing troop would have electronic access to all signups in one place and could close down RSVPs very effectively. I hope that makes sense; I do see that it would be very useful and I hope it goes live. Thank you!

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Love this idea! Please release!

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