Checklists! (10/18/2014)

We just released a new communication feature called checklists. Checklists let you create a single task and assign it to a group of people and keep track of each person on the list completing the task. It includes communication tools for letting people on the checklist know about their assignment.

To use checklists, you must first add the manage checklists privilege to your profile.

For example, an advancement chair might create a check list called "Turn in all advancement information for the January award ceremony" with a due date of January 5 and then assign it to all unit leaders/scout masters/den leaders/etc.

The results?

1) The person who created it will see a form that shows everyone with the assignment with a checkbox to keep track of who's done it.

2) Everyone on the check list will get an email message asking them to complete the task.

3) Everyone on the check list will have a notification until they complete the task.

4) Everyone will have a new "assignments" menu item on the communicate badge to see all the things they've been asked to do.

5) Incomplete assignments are listed on the monthly newsletter of the person it's assigned to.

Eventually you will be able to attach check-lists to events as well.

This is a precursor to a similar feature, sign-up sheets, that I hope I will be working on soon.