Checklist Privileges Question

Hi I just have a question. I set up a checklist so that parents will know who has not turned something in to me. I was going to check their name off once completed. Parents have been able to check themselves marked as complete. What privilege would that fall under? I do not have any of them with the manage checklists privilege. Just wondering if there is a way to limit who can actually check off items as complete to leaders only or those we give access to like a forms coordinator. Thanks!

Hi @troop40072,

For sign in sheets, we want anyone to be able to access them, but not create them. When it comes to checklists, we follow the same procedure, but you make a good point about maybe making it so only the creator of the checklist can check things off.

Will you please change this from a question to an Idea so we can get some more feedback on it?

Thank you.

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My suggestion in this regard:

Checklists are great, and would be even better with a drop-down field to select the privilege level necessary to mark completed. Based on the level of access, you can utilize checklists (“assignments”) differently. Consider:

1) Assignment to read handbook pages X-Y and practice tying Z knot.

This would be a “Household” level checklist. The assignment is expected to be self-reported by the Scout individually or an Akela responsible for the Scout. It also makes sense for the Scout’s Patrol/Den Leader or unit-level leaders to mark the Scout as complete as well.

2) Assignment to turn in dues/fees/medical form to Patrol/Den Leader.

This would be marked as “Patrol/Den” thus cutting off access to accounts with only “Self” or “Household” access. It also makes sense for unit-level leaders to mark the item as complete.

3) Assignment to Patrol/Den leaders to record attendance for an event.

This was a more complicated case. It should be self-reporting, but “Household” might be inappropriate because you might want to make sure the actual person checks it off, not a household member. A “Self-Only” designation might be useful. For this, you might not want other individuals checking off the assignment.

A real-life example of when self-reporting is not good: I have a Cub Scout Pack. I created a checklist and assigned it to every Scout to pay 2017 dues at the Pack Meeting. I wanted to utilize the checklist as a tracking list of sorts, where I would check off the Scouts who paid. When I started processing the checks, I found that one Scout was already marked completed. This threw me, until I figured out that the Scout’s Akela (the Scout does not actually have his own account) had marked the Scout completed as a Household member. I was also surprised to discover that Den Leaders can not see the progress of their own Dens for the checklist.

To get the most bang for the least amount of coding, I propose the following drop-down field be added to Checklists:

What level of access is required to mark this assignment completed?
Household (Default)
List Creator Only

Except for “List Creator Only,” these options follow the existing access levels. This question could be simplified to something like: How will completion be tracked? Self-Reported, Patrol/Den-Tracked, Unit-Tracked. This would eliminated the Self Only and List Creator Only levels, which were the least useful.

I then suggest the following rules:

  1. The checklist creator retains full access to the checklist.
  2. Patrol/Den Leaders (with Manage Checklist privileges?) are able to see all checklists with Patrol/Den members assigned. This allows them to track their Patrol/Den progress, even if they can not check them off. They do not have to see the entire list, just their own Patrol/Den.
  3. An account may only mark itself completed if the level is “Self-Only” or “Household”.
  4. An account may only mark a household member as complete if the level is “Household”. (The assignment would remain visible–no secret messages to Scouts–just not able to mark it complete.)
  5. Patrol/Den Leaders (with Manage Checklist privileges?) would be able to mark Patrol/Den members as completed if the “Patrol/Den” or “Household” access level is selected.
  6. Unit Leaders (with Manage Checklist privileges?) would be able to see all checklists and mark any account as completed if the “Unit”, “Patrol/Den”, or “Household” access level is selected.

Sorry for the super-long post, but I want to make it clear and as easy to implement as possible.



OK, I’m reviving a really old idea, but I love this suggestion and see it having a LOT of benefit. e.g. a checklist for turning in forms that “Household” level people could SEE (if it’s assigned to someone in their household) but only those with “Troop” level could mark off.
a checklist for making up badge work at home that was done at a meeting the youth missed - this could be both seen and checked off by “Household” level people. (