New Event Creates New Money Account by Default

Functionality was recently added when you create a new event by default it creates a new money account. That is not something that we want. We do not create money accounts for events. We use money accounts for individuals and one catch all money account for PayPal credits/payments.

Can you update the settings to allow units to configure what to do with the money account for new events by default? We certainly do not want new money accounts created by default and it would be great to select the same existing money account by default.

Now if we forget to to change the money account setting on the creation of a new event, we then have to go and delete the new money account that was created.

If you set a default Money account for Events, other than the General Fund in Settings, Online Payments, then you will not get new accounts created for each event. You can create a generic Events account. You don’t really have to do anything with it specifically. It just gets used to move the transactions in and out of General and Individual accounts especially when using the Shopping Cart.

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Thank you. I was not finding the settings for Online Payments. Turns out there actually was a default account already saved. But I went and updated/refreshed the settings and now we are not seeing that default event account option.

Issue solved. Thanks.

We don’t have online payment turned on, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the default money account for events. I still don’t want an account created by default for each new event. How do I set things so accounts are not created?
Laura Ford, Treasurer, TLUSA OK-0103

Hi @LauraFord,

Our tech team has been previously made aware of that issue, and is working on a fix for it.

We will let you know when it gets fixed.


David Keener

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We also have been dealing with this and had to turn on the payments portion to select an default account. Myself being the Scoutmaster, communications and scheduler find this very frustrating especially when I set up recurring meetings and it creates an account for each meeting.