Controlling Access and Privileges


We imported our Scouts and Leadership, so the proper privileges were not set. What is the list of privileges that my Treasurer needs to effectively do his job. I can guess Unit access level and Manage Money, but what else? Do they need manage members to add and remove money accounts? Thanks.


I have given our AHG Unit Leaders access for “units” and checked lots of the privileges boxes, but they see only themselves and their daughters on Troop Track. What am I doing wrong?


@KayCarlton You need to make sure that the Unit Leaders have the Level filled out under Registration Info.


@HenryHohn, our Treasurer has Troop access since they are managing the whole troop and has “Add and Remove Money Accounts.”


Thank you, Adrianne. That was the problem for one of our leaders!


Can I restrict parents to editing only their own daughter’s achievements? I don’t see the global option under Troop Track Settings that was mentioned above. If I give a parent, not a leader, the ability to edit achievements, can they then edit all girls’ achievements or only their daughters?


I think I answered my own question. Under privileges, I have to restrict them to Household.


That’s what I’ve done in the past, too. We have a “Sample Girl” or “Sample Leader”, etc. just for trying out new things before implementing.


I have Troop level access/privileges, but I do not see the edit button to be able to edit other member’s privileges. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your help! (AHG)


Try Manage > Members > Privileges

From here you can search for another member’s name and click “Edit Privileges” on the right.

If you cannot access that page, you do not have the privilege called “Manage Privileges” and you should ask your TC to add you. Assuming you are supposed to have that privilege. :slight_smile:


Access level and privileges are also different things. For example, a troop leader might a parent to be able to see all of their children’s accounts, events, awards, and so forth, but doesn’t want them to be able to change anything. Access level (self, household, patrol, unit, den, troop, whatever it is) only determines what you can see. Privileges determine what you can or cannot do with those users you can see. So a parent with household access and the privilege to edit achievements can edit his or her child’s achievements, but not those of the rest of the troop. Someone with troop level access can see everyone and everything, but cannot make changes unless the appropriate privileges have been added to that user.

I hope that makes a little more sense of the issue.


I am having trouble changes the privileges of members of my troop. I have unit access but do not have the edit button that is referenced here. Any suggestions as to why this might be?


I figured it out. Thank you