Controlling Access and Privileges


Considered starting a new topic, but came here first to see if there was an answer to what each privilege does. Like others, I periodically my account and my kids account open on side to side laptops trying to figure things out… but cannot for the life of me see what triggers “Recent Messages” as an option under communications.


I recently answered a similar question for another user, so in lieu of typing out the whole thing again or pasting it here, I will just post a link to my other comment: Manage privelages.

The “recent messages” option is only available to those with the “manage troop members” privilege. I agree that that one isn’t very intuitive/clear. It’s not a setting that is meant to be accessible for most individuals, since you can see all recent messages. I’m not even sure if it stops you from seeing messages sent from others even when you only have a lower access level (for example, one parent could see sensitive recent messages sent between leaders or to another parent). So I think that’s the rationale behind attaching it to that privilege, since that is one that only leaders usually have. If you have more questions, shoot me an email at :slight_smile:


For those interested in seeing what interface items change when setting different permissions you can also use a Private Window within your browser or a separate browser so you can have one logged in as one account and another logged in to a different account and see what the changes do. For a small company this would be a major undertaking to map out and document exactly what interface changes are made by changing different permissions and access levels. Perhaps someone here on the Community would like to volunteer to go through and map it all out and take screen shots of the changes?