Custom Email Lists

We have a new layout for our Pi/Pa girls. It divides our Pi/Pa’s into teams. I need to create these custom Team emails which I know how to do. Where I get a little confused is how to limit who gets to send and receive emails.

What I need:

  1. Girls on same team to be able to use the custom list to email their own team.
  2. Girls on different teams to be able to email another team.
  3. Pi/Pa coaches & Board to email a team.
  4. Leaders from other squads to email a team but NOT receive every email that the girls send amongst themselves.

Here is where I’m confused:

  1. Our parents are automatically included when emails are sent out, safety feature our board put in place and wants to stay. Will the parents get every email going around on a team?
  2. How do I keep the email lists from the entire troop being able to email the teams. If parents want to communicate to a Team, we want that to go through the coaches, not just parents emailing Teams wily-inly.
  3. How do I allow the necessary people to email the teams without opening the mailing list to the entire troop?

Is there anyone else out there with experience on how to do this?


When you create a custom mailing list, press “No” for “Any member is allowed to send emails to this list”. You will then be able to choose who is authorized to send to that list.

For this scenario, I have absolutely no idea what parents will get. It will require testing to see. If you send it through TroopTrack, you can determine where replies go, but I’m not exactly sure how you are going to use this.

Please note that we are completely redoing our emails feature and this may change.

If anyone else has more experience with this, please chime in.

Our experience has been so far that when we create a custom mailing list, who ever is allowed to send emails is also on the distribution list. Whether that’s who we want it to go to or not. For example:

Team A Mailing List:
Is supposed to go to: Sally, Mae, Jean, Amy
Who can send to it: The above 4, plus Christy, Joan, Lisa, Dawn.
Who receives an email when Sally sends out using the Team A Mailing List: Sally, Mae, Jean, Amy, Christy, Joan, Lisa, Dawn.

My concern is that every time Team A sends a list, not only do they get it, but also all the authorized senders get it. For my leaders who need to be able to email Team A, that is a HUGE amount of email that they don’t need. I’m trying to work around that.

Our Pi/Pa’s are doing a vast amount of planning and communicating amongst themselves this year and we want them to be able to email other teams without it going to every person in the Pi/Pa squad or a bunch of leaders when they use a custom list.

When I go to create that custom mailing lists and I check that “No” for “Any member is allowed to send emails to this list” I get the message that says:

Authorized Senders
Please note that authorized senders are also recipients - anyone you check in this column will also be added as a recipient.

I think that is what is causing my issues. Just b/c they can send doesn’t mean I want them to receive all the emails. But I do want to limit who can send emails to that group. Does that make more sense?

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We have this issue, too, but we didn’t know that bit about changing who can send to the group!

Our PiPas do the same thing, and last year they were using a separate website (Wiggio, maybe?) but some parents want to be aware of everything they’re discussing. I’m not sure we’ve figured out a solution, and I’m not sure this is something Dave & Co. can fix for us. It’s part of the problem of having chatty girls who do a lot of planning! It may simply be that everyone who doesn’t want the emails needs to learn to have them automatically archived.