Email Questions

Our troop’s Pi/Pa group is about 25 girls and 6 coaches. There is a LOT of email that floats around. When a girl sends an email to several girls, sets it up as “send reply to all” it works perfectly. But when a girl replies to a reply on that chain, it does not send to everyone, it only goes back to the reply. Also, parents are copied in on all emails. So when a girl replies to the group, the parents sometimes get it and sometimes do not. The trouble we are having is keeping leaders & parents in the loop on replies.

For example, Suzy sends an email to her 2 coaches and 5 girls on her Team. She sets it up to “reply to all original recipients”. Then Amy replies and everyone in that chain receives it. When Dora replies to Amy’s email with more information, sometimes the email goes to everyone, but often it does not. Once Amanda replies to Dora, the only person to receive it is Dora. It also garbles up all the emails that were sent previously underneath the reply.

I’m trying to streamline email for my leaders and Pi/Pa’s. Parents and leaders are being left off or dropped off emails and it is causing some issues. Our troop has it set up so that when a girl is sent an email through TT, the parents are automatically copied in on it. Is there a way for subsequent replies to also go through to everyone and not just the one person. I’ve got to figure out a way for the girls/parents/leaders to email replies without everyone in the group being dropped off. I’m sure you guys have a simple work around or a solution, but currently my brain just can’t figure it out!

Thanks for all your help!


This sounds like a problem in the code that needs to be fixed. Our developer will take a look at it and see what we can do. It might take a little while for him to get to it though, as we are a bit shorthanded right now. We will do what we can as quickly as we can, though!

Thanks for your patience,