Date format reminder in date boxes

I just used the meeting scheduler for the first time. The start date box is NOT linked to a calendar dropdown, so I had to guess on date format. I used the one I learned in elementary school (MM/DD/YYYY) and went ahead and scheduled the regular meeting. In this case, March 6th 2017 is 03/06/2017.

As you might guess, things did not go well. When I hit “save” the meetings were scheduled for June 3rd and the next seven weeks on that day of the week.

I fixed it manually for all eight of my meetings, figuring that was a marginally smaller amount of work than deleting the series and creating another series of meetings.

BUT for the future, could you please consider the following fix: write in the required date format in each of those date boxes! I discovered after perusing the user forums that you use yyyy/mm/dd. I don’t do this work on TroopTrack regularly enough to remember that off the top of my head. A small nod to my faltering memory would be much appreciated!

I agree. Any “helps” will go a long way toward making TT more user-friendly.

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This is from your account. The date picker appears to be working correctly. Am I missing anything?

Firefox on Ubuntu? Guess I should have specified…