Date Format Change YYYY-MM-DD


I was wondering if there was any way to change the date format from YYYY-MM-DD to MM-DD-YYYY when entering completion dates for achievements/training?



I would LOVE this. I’m guessing you will need to submit this an an Idea. If you do I will support it.

As long as it’s optional - putting the month first seems to be a uniquely American thing to do and it’s super confusing for people in the rest of the world who use DD-MM-YYYY.


it would be good if the site generally took the systems date format and used that. In Australia we use DD/MM/YYYY and it is confusing for us to see dates as MM/DD/YYYY.


I’m a new user and would support being able to choose what date format your personal troop uses!

We would also like you to be able to choose your own date formats. It’s kind of low on the priority list right now though. That’s why we use the YYYY-MM-DD format because it is recognizable worldwide.


Can you use this date format in the agenda view please? I get horribly confused looking at MM/DD/YYYY format in this view!