Filter Calendar Events by Group

Now that I am the scheduler of every event in the Cub Scout pack’s calendar, I have no way to figure out which events belong to which groups. Please don’t tell me to have the den leaders log in to see their own schedules, that’s not the point. Any member should be able to filter the calendar view for their own needs.

I need a way to filter the calendar listing (calendar and agenda view) by Group - a list of check-boxes for groups, just the same list used when creating a calendar event.

This should work in all views - calendar, agenda and full year.

Thank you.



Sounds like an interesting idea. In the meantime, I would suggest you just have a specific color chosen for each group. Like all blue events are for Wolfs or something.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing more feedback!

Colors help, yes.

But I was just asked to provide a list of all the meetings for a particular Den.

I can’t do it, without visually scanning for them. Not 100% error-free.

And definitely won’t help anyone that is colorblind.

We strongly recommend blind people do not attempt to use TroopTrack.

Haha, just kidding.

I understand your request and was offering a temporary solution until this request can go through the whole consideration process.



While I generally don’t like telling one system that another system does it better, when I was in Cub Scouts and using ScoutLander, it was invaluable to be able to filter out everyone else’s events and see only my Den and Pack-level events. I rarely cared what the other Dens were doing, unless it was a shared event, and these were all Pack-level. I always had my calendar filtered to My Events (Den/Pack).


I am a new Cubmaster and have used TT for our Boy Scout troop and want to bring it to the Pack. I wondered about this so I will add my agreement that this is an important feature specific to a Pack. I as the leader need to see everything but I know the parents would rather be able to see only their Den and the Pack events rather than the other Den’s stuff cluttering up their calendar view.