Calendar Feed for Dens

Is it possible to create ICS Calendar Feeds for each individual Den? The current Pack Feed includes all activities including those for specific sub-groups. It causes confusion for parents when the calendar feed includes events they aren’t invited to (“Webelos Hike”, “Tiger Den Meeting”, etc.).


Hi @JohnDockstader,

We can surely consider this. Let’s hear what the community has to say. Thanks for the suggestion!

This was a great feature in youth manage. Gives the ability for parents to filter out unnecessary events/meetings they should not see preventing confusion.

This would be a very important feature for us as well and is one of the reasons we really considered Scout Book over Troop Track. (The other was usability)

Thi post is 3 years old. It is hard for me to believe that the Scoutbook can make this work, but TT can’t. It would be a matter of when a Den is created a calendar is created for that Den. The overall Pack calendar aggregates the Dens/Patrols. I have the TT cal integrated on my phone as well as most of our families and there are 6 den meetings a week and only 1 applies to them. It creates calendar clutter. Asking families to use the website is not productive as they already have a calendar on their phone they can use for an instant view.