Create Group Based Calendar Integrations

It would be great to allow for group-based calendar integrations. This is a nice feature Scoutbook offers. Each Den was able to get their own calendar link as well as the Pack. So you could add the PAck and Den X, to your Google or other calendar application. This would also allow for the sharing of only pack level events on a public calendar if desired. As is my calendar is getting bombarded with events that do not apply to me.


There have been many questions and ideas posted with this same thing. I would suggest doing a search for Den Calendar and you will find several, add your like to them and comment to let the TT staff know this is still a requested feature request.

This is a great idea. Here is hoping it gets developed.

Some posts are 3 years old. It is hard for me to believe that the Scoutbook can make this work, but TT can’t. It would be a matter of when a Den is created a calendar is created for that Den. The overall Pack calendar aggregates the Dens/Patrols. I have the TT cal integrated on my phone as well as most of our families and there are 6 den meetings a week and only 1 applies to them. It creates calendar clutter. Asking families to use the website is not productive as they already have a calendar on their phone they can use for an instant view.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a matter of “can’t” make it work but a matter of how useful is the feature for the majority of TT members and so is it worth the development time to implement. Their best gauge of how much a feature is wanted is based on Feedback in the Community. So how many of those 3 year old posts had large numbers of likes and me to’s, even this topic that has been open for almost a month really only has 1 comment and one like. @Tyler is this something that has been looked at before and or is on the radar? I do agree that especially now this feature would be very useful as so many people are on their mobile devices so often and don’t want to go log into a website but have everything together in their main calendar.

It is a big issue as almost all of our families add the calendar to their Google or iCal. With that they now see all den, pack ,leader and committee meetings. There is no reason for their calendars to be filled up with irrelevant scheduling.

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We should have an update on this soon it has been a little bit of time. Is this being planned for TT ver 4? Or is there a customizable avenue we could explore?

Has there been an easier method developed for tracking advancement here so that way it makes it to the official record in ScoutsBSA? @dave

Thanks for pinging me on this. Look for den calendars in TT4. I’m adding it to the to-do list.

That sounds great thank you for the update.