Den Progress Report (11/10/2015)

This morning we are pushing several technical bug fixes that improve performance and reliability, as well as an important change to the den progress report for Cub Scouts. The progress report was showing the old cub ranks by default, and we have updated it to show the new ranks instead.

Also, I get a lot of questions about how many photos you can upload to TroopTrack. When I respond with "as many as you want" people are surprised and say something like "that's so generous". I want to clarify something about that.

It's not generous. Storage is cheap. Charging you for space is stingy. Let me break down just how cheap it is for you.

We pay for the space we use to store photos, for the bandwidth required to upload and download them, and for the server capacity to post-process the photos. We currently store 280,000 photos for our customers. In October, you uploaded 18,627 new photos. 

Our total bill for all of this for October? $120.

Yeah, so... unlimited photo storage isn't generous. It just appears that way because so many products charge for it.

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