New phone number, better bulk achievements for cubs, and the "Fall Flood" (11/06/2015)

Two changes going live this morning, both of them are important, plus a note about customer service.
1) We changed our phone number. We have been having trouble with our phone service (the phone went straight to voicemail 70% of the time!) AND we have been under constant attack from a robo-dialer most evenings. We have updated our contact page with our new phone number. Hopefully the robo-dialer will leave us alone.
2) Cub scout electives have been hard to use within the bulk awards and individual progress pages. You had to select the rank the electives are associated with, then scroll through all the requirements to find the award you need. We have fixed this - you can now select the award directly.
One other quick note... every year, from late July to November 1st, help desk ticket volume increases dramatically. Every fall is a super busy time for us and it's tough for us just to keep up with the questions, let alone fix bugs and implement features. This year we worked really hard to be prepared for the fall. We hired more interns (TroopTrack currently has 11 employees), we refined our support processes, and improved our support tools.
Here are some quick stats about the 2015 "Fall Flood":
- Help desk tickets received: 3117
- Help desk tickets solved: 2068
- Help desk tickets that are waiting for information from the customer: 270
That's a lot of customer interaction!
This has been our best fall ever in terms of customer support, and I want to say thank you to everyone who made it happen. So... Sam, Wesley, Ryan, Matt, Claire, Reese, Zach, Spencer, Melissa, and Coleman... THANK YOU.
Even with all this help, there were a few times when we were totally overwhelmed. We appreciate the patience you exhibited when this happened. We are grateful for all of you who stuck with us while we dug ourselves out of big piles of help desk tickets.
It's been hard for us to provide good customer support and deal with all the feature requests we get during the fall flood. Things are starting to slow down now, and as a result we are shifting gears - it may take us a while to get through the 600 feature requests we received between July 15 and November 1, but we are going to get it done.
I'm personally very tired, pleased, and anxious to start crushing that big pile of feature requests. But first... I need a break. Shannon and I are leaving town for a week (only the second vacation we've taken with just the two of us EVER). We are excited beyond belief - this time next week we will both have stepped on British soil for the the first time ever!
Have a great weekend and thanks for being part of the TroopTrack user community.