Desktop Notifications, How to Control?

How are Desktop Notifications controlled? I am getting them when Money Accounts are updated. I remember somewhere along the line saying YES when asked if I want Notifications, but I can’t see anywhere where I can turn that on/off or specify what I want to get notified for.

Also, as the administrator for our account, I’d like to know who gets what notifications. For example, does everyone who answered Yes to receiving notifications get the notifications when Money Accounts are updated?

Hi @jjeffery,

Web notifications are handled in your browser. So you will need to go into your browser’s notifications settings to control specific notifications.

Notifications within TroopTrack are tied to privileges. Only those with the correlating privileges will receive notifications about any specific topic. For example, if members have the ability to view and/or manage money accounts, then they will get notifications about money accounts.

Let me know if you have any more questions.