PENDING: Notifications

I tested this feature between my workstation (Windows PC) logged in as my admin account and a phone (iPhone) logged in as my testing account.

When I post a chat text back and forth, there are still some notifications on the phone and web browser that would be helpful to see when the message is received.

Phone Notifications That Do Work

  • Audible Sound Notification
  • iPhone “Notification Center” Item
  • Screen Wakes When Off

Phone Notifications That Do Not Work

  • App Icon Badge Notification (the dot that appears on the app icon)
  • In App Notification (Some sort of banner alert when you are inside the app regardless of what screen you are on)

Web Browser Notifications

  • There are no notifications on the web browser. These needs added.

One item to just point out. I do not have an Android device to test these same scenarios on. The notification experience may be very different on that platform.

@JustinWeaver Thanks for the feedback! I will work on the phone notifications that don’t work.

Web browser notifications work for me (Chrome). Are you sure you enabled them?

Good question…

Where would one enable that?

In Chrome, go to your troop site, then do this:

Developer tools (F12) -> Application -> Clear site data

Then refresh the page and it will prompt you to login. After you login you will see a prompt to subscribe to desktop notifications.

@JustinWeaver I shipped an update this morning that will show a notification even when the app is in the foreground - you might need to close and re-open the app to get it tho

I tested it and I am now getting a notification when the app is open. Thanks!

I am still not getting notifications on the web browser (I’m using Chrome). I allowed notifications as was suggested but still nothing is happening. I also tried on Edge and nothing is happening on the browser.

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@JustinWeaver Are achievement related desktop notifications working for you? ie. if someone other than you updates achievements for a member of your family do you get a desktop notification?

I have never seen a notification like this so I’m not sure. Then again, while I’m an admin for the whole unit, I don’t have any other people attached to my household so maybe that’s why?

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