Desktop Notifications

We have been discussing the idea of adding desktop notifications to TroopTrack. Dave said it’s a pretty easy integration and wanted me to gather some feedback.

It would just be on the desktop, but we need to know what things you’d like to get notifications about.

They look something like this:


I like it! I think it would be good for a troop our size to have the option of sending specific notifications. With a mom of 5 girls in an AHG troop and one of our youngest boys getting ready to join TL, I’m thinking I could use all the help I can get in remembering some of our events! lol

So event reminders would be a good feature to use with these?

Oh YES!! I can’t tell you how many parents miss events b/c they forgot to check the calendar. Event reminders would be HUGE for us!

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Our troop has so many event reminder emails, a lot of them get missed or thrown to junk mail. If we had the option of notifications, instead of emails, it would help parents miss less. We are trying to limit the number of emails we send b/c of all the event email reminders that go out.

How would this work? Would the notifications only work if someone had a TroopTrack page open and notifications enabled?

If that’s the case then @SRUEDU - I’m not sure that would help as much as you think. If you didn’t have a TroopTrack window open then you wouldn’t get notified.

I’m not excited unless they will work without a TroopTrack window open - I don’t normally have one open on my PC(s)/Tablet/Phone and imagine nearly all our parents and leaders would be similar.

TroopTrack doesn’t need to be open. Not even the browser needs to be open. You’ll just have to give TroopTrack permission to desktop notifications to your desktop and BOOM! Fun in the sun.

That sounds like it might be useful to people - how does it work? What runs on the computer to make the push notifications appear?

I think it boils down to super smart chipmunks using morse code.

We LOVE the super smart chipmunks at TT!! :grinning:

I think this would be great!
I see it very useful for users to get events reminders.
As an admin it would be nice to see when new items are added to the calendar and advancements are updated.
The more granular the better, let the users decide what they want to get.
-My 2 cents

Would these notifications be desktop only? Is there any way to send notifications on a mobile device without the app?

Regardless, I think this is a great idea and a step in the right direction. Maybe even include a field in calendar events that lets the creator choose the time before the event for a notification (kind of like the invitations and reminders). If nothing is chosen, it will default to the same time as the reminder email. Double-whammy reminder!