Difference between Events with Members tab vs "Who's Invited"

I see there are different ways or methods to specify who is invited and allowed to RSVP to an event. Some events have a “Members” tab when you’re editing them, while others have a “Who’s Invited” section instead. I have only noticed that the “Who’s Invited” section is present on events that were imported from our old website, but I do not know if there are other examples. In addition, each event has a list of different groups, including roles and patrols, but there are some other groups that I don’t understand.

Can someone explain to me the difference between the “Who’s Invited” section and the “Members” tab, and clarify the purpose of the different groups listed for each event?

The Who’s Invited section is the old way of doing invites, I assume when importing events it defaults to the old way. The Member tab is the new style, there is a setting under the Gear Menu → TroopTrack Settings to enable Dynamic Meeting Invitations, that changed the way invitations worked. The different groups for each type are very similar however the members section has been grouped together differently. If you have a specific question about the groups please reply with more specifics.

Can you elaborate on what Dynamic Meeting invitations are? Will the imported meetings in the old style work differently than the ones we create now?

I found this page, but the TroopTrack Settings / General settings does not have this setting on it.

Also, for the legacy meetings, I see listed under Groups a few that are not listed as Roles and Patrols on the new style.

The main thing that changed with the Dynamic Meeting Invitations was newly added members to the unit are automatically added to existing calendar events that have Everyone Invited or the Patrol/Den/Unit they are under. With the old structure that did not happen, a leader would need to go in and select to Edit the event and then the new users would be added, there was also a bug that caused users to show up multiple times on the list of the events, that was also fixed with Dynamic Meeting Invitations.

General Settings for me does not have the word Dynamic on it at all, and looks a little different than the image you shared. It sounds like it should be the default.

Also, assuming it is enabled, does this mean we should really be moving events to the new model, so we can take advantage of this? We have new scouts joining, and without this dynamic capability, they will not be invited, and not able to RSVP, is that right?

Strange, I wonder if only accounts that were in place prior to the setting going live have the ability to turn it off and on, or if there is a permission that controls it, do you have all permissions for your TT account?
The only way to move events that are using the old style is to delete them and create a new event. I will check with TT admins to get clarification on imported events vs newly created events and why the difference in invitations.

It seems like something that should just always be on. But as it changes the behavior of who gets on an event, I could see it as a security issue for someone with an event created the old way, to all of a sudden see new people on the event.

It would be reasonable if the capability was now the way it is done, and only make it an option for Troops/Pacs/etc… accounts that were created prior to the change.

So, the big question, other than a different UX between the old and new events, will there be any behavioral differences? I am trying to decide pros and cons of re-creating the future imported events to get the new event style with the Members tab.

The only behavioral difference is that newly added members to your account are not automatically added to those events. You then need to decide if it is worth the time to delete and re-create the events or just remember to select Edit for those events to get the new members added.

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Well, the OLD way works much better for my troop’s need to have a custom OA mailing list and make it possible to create an event and just invite those members. We have similar needs for things like Life Scouts, etc.

It keeps feeling like there’s too hard of a difference between magic lists and custom lists, and it falls over onto this “selection of members for events”

It is GREAT that once you have people RSVD’d for an event, you can send out communications just to those folks.

(I’d love to banter a design discussion with The Powers That Be about this if they were so willing)


@AaronStorey When I create a new event, I can no long use a Custom Mail List to invite members to the event.

Correct the Dynamic Meeting Invitations setting removes the ability to invite based on Custom Mail lists. This is something that has been requested of the TT dev team and is being considered.

@AaronStorey Why wouldn’t being able to use Custom Mail Lists with the Dynamic Meeting Invitations setting be available? That’s a downgrade in user experience for existing capability. Am I missing something here? We use Custom Mail Lists frequently and will have to use TT without the Dynamic Meeting Invitations setting being on. I don’t understand why users have to choose between one capability or the other.

I am not sure why the ability to use Custom Mail lists was removed when the Dynamic Invitations setting was created. I also kept the setting off for a long time because of this, I did find in the end we didn’t use the custom lists for events very much and got really tired of the events with long lists of duplicates showing up so I finally enabled the setting. Everyone uses the system differently so I can see where this is a must have for some. When the feature is implemented I will try and update these threads with that info.