I have parents with kid in two units. How do I make sure they get emails from both groups?

Do I need to add a blue box for them in each until?


Go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings, click the TroopTrack Settings tab and check “Copy Parents on all scout emails”.

Please do not try to put anyone in multiple units. Thanks!

Will that only copy the parents in that unit?

It’s better if you leave parents unassigned.

Most girls don’t have their own email address so if you send an email to the girls, the parent will get it/them.

And if the girl does have an email-do both the girl and parent get it?

Also how do you make some the leader of two groups?

If you have the option I mentioned checked, then both will get the email.

Leaders cannot be in two units. You may combine Units and put a leader in there, but we don’t support leaders being in two places at once.

Thank you! I know these are newbie questions but once we get it set up right we will be set!!!

Okay I combined Pioneers and Patriots which solved that problem.
One more question-How to I change someone from Adult to Parent or from PArent to Leader?


Do not hesitate for one second to ask a question. I’d rather help you than let you get stuck or frustrated.

For an adult to become a parent, they need to be in a household with a scout. You can do this by going to Manage > Members > Households. Pick a household and add an adult or child to it and it will turn that adult into a parent. To turn an adult or parent into a leader, go to that person’s profile, click the leadership tab, and add the leadership position to that person and you will be all set.


Got it all set up correctly. YEAH!
Thank you.

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A new question one of our parents asked.Is there a limit to how many pictures we can post? Will we “fill” up at some point?

Nope. Unlimited photos. If you do find a limit, let me know, because that would be a mega super awesome record for pictures. :grin:

I do not see this option. I see unit (not troop) setting and no copy parents on all scout emails. So many parents have girls in multiple levels.

Hi @KatrinaHead,

For you it would be Manage > Settings > Edit Unit Settings, TroopTrack Settings tab. It looks like you’ve already go this option checked.