Document Folder Structure - old ideas, still waiting

Hello, there are plenty of ideas, discussions, suggestions, etc. on the topic of a folder structure. Unless I am missing something, there haven’t been any progress since the introduction of the documents “category”, which is a very helpful feature. BUT, that is not enough. We need an ability to create folders, subfolders, etc. just as you would in the MS Windows environment. The functionality such as date created:, author, modified date, etc. fields that are “sortable” would be essential. The security of who can upload, view, download, etc would also be great.

Will this functionality be available? Some of the same questions are dated back to 2016. Many thanks for considering implementing this much-needed function.

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Hi @IgorVeksler,

Folders have been asked about and are on our radar. We are working through our product features one at a time - we aren’t working on file storage yet but know it needs to be addressed. The biggest problem we have with document storage is cost - documents, pictures, storage and uploads on TroopTrack are an expense that grows the more files you store. We need to figure out ways to make your file storage easier to organize while also ensuring it is a cost-effective feature. We expect to start addressing these issues later this year.

One of the options we are considering is tier-based pricing for storage by putting limits on total storage space available. Would your troop be willing to pay extra for increased storage and advanced features?



Has there been any movement on getting the file structure introduced?

You are mentioning the “pay for storage” option. What is the pricing model?

I like the idea of storage limits and a tier-based pricing model. We in our units would not need nor pay for extra storage but do have some limited files in the system as we have our own outside Web host for our website, we can put larger files there. I could see this as being a benefit though for other groups that do everything in TT and do not have an outside host.