Control access to shared documents

I’m really hoping everyone agrees with me and votes with their “hearts” on this topic so we can get it into the development queue…

The Shared Documents feature is very nice, but I’d like to propose at least some control over files.

I had expected that when I uploaded files to TroopTrack that their visibility would at least be limited to users with valid logons, but they are not - anyone with the link to the file can view it.

My idea has two parts:

First, that we have at least two levels of control - Shared Private, and Shared Public (just like our webpages). Files put into the “Shared Public” bin would be available, read-only, with anyone on the Internet. Files put into the “Shared Private” bin would only be available once a user had logged in to TroopTrack.

Example: Upload a PDF for our Community Car Wash - yes - should be available to everyone, with or without a TroopTrack logon.

Second, ideally, that we could further control files in the “Shared Private” bin by associating them with the Mailing lists, either Custom or Magic, AND a level of control (read-write or read-only).

Example: Upload a PDF of invoices collected for things purchased for the Pack, such as website hosting, hostname reservation, trailer… I’d want to limit that to just the members of the Magic Mailing list “Leadership@…” and provide them read-only access, but the members of custom list “WebAdmins” should have read-write access (and of course, because I didn’t check boxes for Adults or Youths, etc., nobody outside Leadership or WebAdmins would even see the files).

Otherwise… what… I’m dealing with Google Drive? Dropbox? Forcing everyone to get multiple accounts? Nah, I’d really really rather not.

Thanks in advance, amazing developers and helpful TroopTrack community!


It would be great if this functionality could be pushed more widespread across the site as well to things like pages.

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I really like your idea. I do not like sharing my files with everyone on TT and would like to see more troop control over them given. I would like files created by my troop to be shared only with my troop and as you say, limited to valid logins. I am also all for your idea of “Shared Public” and Shared Private". Maybe the TT developers will be able to create this functionality, and a few more that will be helpful to us all. :slight_smile:

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I like this idea and support it. We had a similar discussion about documents like our Board of Review suggested questions and guidelines. I would prefer to keep all of our files on TroopTrack and not use other tools like Google Docs. But I don’t want Boy Scouts in our Troop having access to that file. So where do I store it? If we have control over access I can store it on TroopTrack without any such concerns.

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Yep, I support it as well. As a security and privacy wonk for a big multinational company, I am concerned about public accessibility to things like our camping maps and tent assignments. There are too many creeps out there who know how to get the info and what they can do with it. Too many times, people think they are safe by not revealing a link to a file, hoping that it can’t / won’t be found. Not so.

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I definitely support this idea. We should have control over the documents, especially in a Cub Scouting application.

Vote people!