Scoutbook Lite

Are you all working with scoutbook lite so we can report rank, merit badges, ect?

When Scoutbook Lite is rolled out and replaces Internet Advancement, we will work with them so that our users can continue to utilize TroopTrack. :slight_smile: The user experience probably won’t change drastically, since many of the changes will be “behind the scenes,” so to speak.

Do you perchance have any idea when this might be? Not your response to the change, but the Internet Advancement switchover? Not that you should, but the whole new BSA YPT changeover happened without warning… so I’m trying to avoid any other potential wrenches.

I don’t know for sure. I don’t think BSA knows for sure. According to this post on the Scoutbook website, it seems they intended to have it rolled out already, but are not ready yet, and that it will probably be in the next couple of months… assuming everything goes according to plan. This is the most recent information that I know of regarding a release date or update of any kind as it applies to Scoutbook Lite.

For our part, all users will need to do is set up a Scoutbook Lite account (much like they have an IA one now), then they will use those credentials to submit information to BSA and the council (just like they do now). I can’t speak to how easy or complicated the process of getting a Scoutbook Lite account will be, however, as that is not part of our site.