Does TT provide a transaction number when paying for event?

We are considering using the pay now feature through TT. When a parent pays for an event, does TT produce a transaction number that they could then write on their permissions slip as proof of payment?

Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

I don’t believe TroopTrack does this. Because the transaction is between a parent’s account and your troop account, we don’t really generate that. I believe both PayPal and Stripe provide transaction IDs, though.

If you require payment to RSVP to an event, you will have your proof already in the system, though. They won’t be able to RSVP without paying so you’ll be able to tell that way.

My issue with payment requiered to rsvp is I want people to be able to pay cash and rsvp.

But I can ask for the stripe transaction number on the slip.

If you allow users to pay with individual money accounts, you will be able to collect cash and balance their account to 0 when they pay up (this will allow you to keep track of those payments and how they paid). You can use whatever method you’d like, though.