Event RSVPs aren't matching PayPal payments

We have an event in July (Residence Camp) which we’re collecting RSVPs for. Payment is required, and we’re accepting via PayPal.

I’m seeing people on the RSVP list one day, and then I see them disappear another. Or I see their payment in PayPal, but not on the RSVP list. And parents are reaching out to me saying that they paid and RSVPd, but TroopTrack still shows that they need to RSVP.

According to PayPal, 11 people have paid. TroopTrack only shows 8 people with an RSVP.

Hi Kevin,

Sometimes PayPal has an issue connecting to TroopTrack, and a payment is processed but not recorded in TT.

Those users will just have to be added manually to that event by clicking on the event, clicking “details”, and then clicking on “attendance” and “view payments”. On that page you can click on “add attendee” and add those people to that event.

The tech team is taking a look at this issue as it is rare, but does occur.


David Keener

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Thanks David! This is the first time we’ve seen this happen on an event and it’s happening multiple times, so hopefully your team can find a pattern.