Dolley Madison Planning & Organization Specific Topics

I’m not sure where to put this but this is the largest gathering of AHG peeps I know of… I’m starting here. :wink: I noticed that there are Organization Specific Topics groups for several of the other TT users, but not one for American Heritage Girls. Is it possible to get one for us? :pray:

I’ve got a question for other troops who are veterans with the Dolley Madison Level Awards. We just had our first DM awarded last year and this year will have at least 3 more girls. There has been some confusion following the AHG packet and we are attempting to streamline the information to both parents and girls to make it less confusing for all. We’re curious if any other troops out there have pioneered the way and created something like this and if they’d be willing to share.

This year we are really changing the focus for our Level Awards and we want to really emphasis those changes at the Harriet Tubman and Dolley Madison levels. Obviously we are going to be working with the other levels as well, but as those 2 are the most time and service focused, we feel we should really work with those girls to help guide them.

And if it’s not asking to much… If anyone is familiar with Stars & Stripes and have any planning, thoughts, ways to introduce this to the Patriot level girls and families, we are all ears!!!


I do more demos, answer more tickets and posts, get more phone calls from, and help more AHG users than any other organization. If anything, the main portion of the community should be for AHG and everyone else should get an organization specific topic. Haha!

Because things that happen in the AHG version of TroopTrack are widely applicable to other organizations (Aside from achievements and service stars), we’ve kept it public. The organization specific ones we have require some very complex help and fixes (often out of my hands to even diagnose the problem).

I’d be glad to bring it up in our next company meeting, but I don’t know if we want to separate AHG troops at this time. There may be an answer or a fix on an AHG post that a user from another organization might completely ignore if they think it is an organization specific thing rather than something that is widely applicable.

Got ya! I took it to mean something totally different. As if you had specific questions about the organization and helps for the each organizations. So say a Dolley Madison question or that kind of thing. Guess I should head to the AHG forum for those kinds of questions. :smirk: