Stars & Stripes Level Award Badge Labels

The AHG “Stars and Stripes with Award Sub Requirements” Level award would be helpful if the fields labeled “10th Badge, 11th Badge, 12th Badge, 13th Badge, 14th Badge, 15th Badge, 16th Badge” would instead be labeled:
“Arts 1:, Arts 2:, Personal Well-Being:, Science & Technology 1:, Science & Technology 2:, Girl’s Choice Badge 1: Girl’s Choice Badge 2”


@HeatherBoyum I updated the award. :slight_smile:

THANKS, MELISSA! You’ve really made my day with this S&S change! (And, saved me a TON of future work!) Sincerely,Heather Boyum

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You are so welcome! Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

@melissa Actually, “10th badge” “11th badge” etc better reflected the award requirements than the frontier-specific designations that Heather listed. Or better yet would be “Girl’s Choice Badge 1” through “Girl’s Choice Badge 7”.

If a girl didn’t do her Harriet Tubman level award, it’s possible that she only has ONE arts-frontier badge and ONE Sci-Tech badge. After the 9 specific badges (“Cit&Govt” through “Fitness-type badge”), the remaining 7 can be from ANY frontier and should therefore all be labeled “Girl’s Choice”.

And if you’re in there changing labels anyway, can you also update “Citizenship & Government” to be “Citizenship & Government OR Our Constitution”? As of 2017, either one is now acceptable for that badge option.

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Hi Heather–
Can you help me understand why you feel the 7 Girl’s Choice badges needed for the Stars & Stripes award should be more explicitly labeled? how that saves work?

I hate to ask Melissa to undo something that saves you a ton of future work, but some of the girls/families in our troop are confused by these labels and wonder if they needed ADDITIONAL badges since not all of them earned Harriet Tubman and so not all of them had TWO arts and TWO sci-tech badges.

As it is currently labeled, we have to sometimes put notes in that say something like Cake Decorating (badge title should be labeled “Girl’s Choice” not “Pers Well-Being”!).

Perhaps you are misunderstanding something about what is and isn’t required for S&S… The seven extra badges can be from ANY frontier.

Kind regards,

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@schwammrs Melissa doesn’t work for TroopTrack anymore, but I would be happy to help. If you could help clarify for me how the requirements work for the Stars & Stripes award, I would be more than happy to update our system accordingly. :slight_smile:

I suspect that Heather got those categories from the first chart in the Badge Planning S&S sheet, which includes “girls choice” for any of the non-S&S badges earned for PI or PA level awards.

However, you are correct.

@KelsieC ANY non-S&S badges can count for those extra seven. and if the Harriet Tubman award was not earned, then those choices may well be in different Frontiers than the ones Heather indicated. ALSO, if the girl earned more badges than just the six for each level award, any of those extras can be counted toward S&S instead of the ones used toward her PI & PA level awards.

Here is the text from AHG’s Badge Planning for Pioneer and Patriot Level Awards and the Stars & Stripes Award document regarding the S&S badges (Italics added by me, bold for relevant emphasis):

"You must earn a minimum of 16 Badges at the
Pioneer/Patriot Level. There are 9 Badges that
are required (Citizenship & Government OR Our Constitution, Our Flag, Family Helper, Emergency Preparedness, Money Management, Home Care & Repair, Camping, Outdoor Skills, and one Fitness-type badge). You must provide a record of your
Badges earned at the Pioneer and Patriot Levels.

These Badges were chosen because they not
only help enforce AHG’s 6 Program Emphases,
but they also help prepare you for adulthood. You
may choose an additional 7 Badges to earn to
fulfill the rest of this requirement.

Any Badges you have earned during your Pioneer/
Patriot years may count toward your Stars &
Stripes Award. Choose Badges that speak to your
interests, passions, or that might help prepare
you for a future career. You are encouraged to
make the most of these Badges, using them as
preparation for “spreading your wings.” Please
note that only four (4) of the Stars & Stripes Award
required Badges may be counted on your Dolley
Madison Level Award Tracking Sheet. Talk to
your Troop Leadership about a Badge-earning
plan so you’re not caught short.

Effective January, 2017, you may choose
to earn Citizenship & Government or Our

So Karin is correct that the options should really be “Girl’s Choice 1” through “Girl’s Choice 7” instead of specifying what Frontier the badges are from, as they do not need to be from specific Frontiers.

@Haggard Thank you for that! :slight_smile: That was a big help. @schwammrs I updated the requirements to reflect this. Thanks for your patience!