E-mail privileges

There needs to be a way to choose whether e-mails are restricted based on den/patrol membership or not. Currently the leaders I have who are assigned to a den can e-mail only scouts/parents who are in their den. This causes some issues in a handful of cases, a lot of my leaders wear more than one hat. My treasurer, for example, has a child in more than one den. The leader of the den we put her in, which was an arbitrary choice, can e-mail her by name in the e-mail interface, but the den leader for her other child can’t find her when entering e-mail recipients by name. This means that other den leader has to e-mail her from a separate e-mail application using her e-mail address directly which, by the way, he can’t get out of TroopTrack as she is not in a den he has the ability to view.

Hi @JamesBrandon,

Under Manage > Settings > Edit Pack Settings, TroopTrack Settings tab, you have “Restrict emails - Turn this setting on if you want to limit who users can send email to based on their access level.” checked.

You also have “Copy Parents on all Scout Emails” checked.

This means you have two options. 1) You can leave it the way it is and point emails to scouts instead of parents. Since most cub scouts don’t have emails, they will go to their parents’ emails anyway, but if not, the parents still get a copy of the email. 2) Turn off the restriction so your leaders can see everyone else.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding or if these solutions don’t quite meet your needs.

It sounds like the “Restrict…” will address the specific concern with
email perfectly. Thank you.