Eagle Application Assistance

Looking for something that aids a scout in completing his Eagle application. TM has a nice concise report that details dates, advancement, merit badges,etc that the scout has to fill in on the application. See attached example.


Hi @ChristopherTomasch,

Check out :
Manage > Reports > Eagle Progress Report
Achieve > Rank Book and Achieve > Merit Badge Book
Achieve > Achievement Overview

and see if any of those meet your needs.

Thank you.

I’ve looked at these. None of them offer a concise way to ‘mine’ the data necessary for the Eagle application. I manage a troop of 75 scouts and we have 2-10 scouts reach Eagle each year. TM makes it very easy to publish and email this. Can certainly dig through TT and find it all, but I would think that this type of report would be used by all scoutmasters.

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Hi @ChristopherTomasch,

We can certainly consider this request as a new feature, but we serve a lot of troops and most seem able to find all the data they need with the current tools. Let’s hear what the community has to say. Maybe someone else knows of an easy existing tool, or maybe everyone wants another special reporting tool. We’ll see.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

I agree - TM reports were more plentiful and specific to need. This Eagle report format consolidates the information from all the portions, is formated like a worksheet the Scout can then use.

Being volunteers - I can attest with a larger troop too 83 Scouts, that any time savings in having a canned report would be welcome.

agreed, hope they focus on reporting in upcoming releases Seth440-420-6647st29360@yahoo.com

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I miss the TM report for Eagle progress - but it is similar to the Board of Review worksheets. I agree - the challenge of keeping some reports tight to a single page is a losing battle with the growth of all the requirements this year for Scout thru 1st Class.

I miss the Individual History report from TM. If the Board of Review report was formatted to have all ranks reflected - it would be awesome, Then add a OA section, add all other activities attended besides service hours, and add special awards too.

I love the Board of Review worksheet is better than the Individual Progress report from TM. This is the one that shows progress toward the next rank. This is my favorite report for Scoutmaster Conferences. And for most older Scouts - now stretches to two pages because of the number of service opportunities attended and merit badges earned.

I would love it if the TM report for Individual History report was mirrored in TroopTrack.

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I have not looked at this yet, but will now that you’ve pointed it out … thanks for the tip Seth440-420-6647st29360@yahoo.com

Our biggest struggle with moving from TM to TT was reports. They offer so many more better reports. My advancement chair still complains a year later. Overall TT is better for the Troop at large but his job is harder.

we lost our long-serving Advancement Chair over the change … agree that on a macro level TT is a big improvement, but the advancement and reporting put him over the edge. Seth440-420-6647st29360@yahoo.com

Hey guys,

If anyone here is a developer, you may consider signing up for our developer program. We will make improvements, but we are spread really thin right now. If one of you maybe has some experience working with APIs and would like to create some reports in the meantime, feel free to apply. :slight_smile: