Easier Household Address Edit

Currently, you can only edit the Household address from the Manage Households screen… most scouts/parents don’t realize this and would expect it to be found in their Profile screen. This suggestion is to improve this situation… here are some ideas:

  • Display a label “Household Address” on the profile screen, so even if the address is blank, users can see there is a place for an address
  • Add an Edit link after the “Household Address” on the profile screen, which would open the Household edit screen
  • An alternative to the Edit link right on the Profile page is to add an Edit link within the existing “pop up” Edit Household window (the one that let’s you change households, but not actually edit the household information)

It is there it is perhaps not super obvious. The little paper with a Pencil icon does allow and individual member of the Household to edit the address.