Email not being received

I have a user ( who is not receiving emails. I’ve checked the Communication Problems, but nothing there, and we don’t get any email rejection messages when emailing him.

From other threads, I suppose that the Problem page is not working. Can someone please check the enail? It’s likely it was reported as spam. As soon has that is removed, I’ll ask him to mark that email as not junk.


It looks like that user marked a TT email as spam back in July. You are correct - at the time that this was posted, the Communication Problems page was not working. However, we fixed it (today, in fact) and you can now view/resolve problems like the above! I have removed the spam report in his case, so he should receive any emails sent from this point forward!

Thanks Kelsie! It works now: the user has confirmed he received my test email.

One note, even though you cleared the spam report on your side, the Communication Page still showed the “Clear Spam” option. I selected it and it did not re-appear.