Looking for email debug assistance

I have one user who appears not to be receiving emails. I had her check her spam folders and she does not see them there. I have several other users with the same ISP that do not seem to have any issues. When I send the emails the confirmation I receive shows her email address as a valid recipient. Is there any further evidence that you can give me that the email is being successfully passed on, at least to the next hop in the SMTP chain. My most recent attempt was 1/3/17 at 21:22 EST. I will continue to work with her to see if there is some other spam-like or unwanted folder that may be capturing the emails but of course this is the only source she isn’t receiving from so the onus of proof is on us.

Hi @bill.shikrallah,

Please check under Communicate > Communication Problems to see if there is a spam report. If she accidentally marked us as spam, the system automatically stops sending her emails because it makes it harder for us to send any emails when users mark us as spam. You will be able to remove the spam report from that page.

Thank you!

Thank you for the timely and useful reply. I am embarrassed that I did not notice the menu item myself. You were correct, I found the spam report option tripped.

Thank you!